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Femmystery F.A.Q.:

What is a Femmystery?

A Femmystery is a mystery novel written by a woman with a female protagonist.

What is the Femmystery list?

The Femmystery list is for fans of Femmysteries to discuss any and all elements of femmysteries. Femmystery is for discussion of old favorites and new finds, and for free exchange of opinion.

Who are some Femmystery Writers?

Some Femmysteries we've enjoyed are listed here. If you have additions, send author, character, and category to the list owner.

Amateur Sleuths:

Susan Wittig Albert -- China Bayles

Nevada Barr -- Anna Pigeon

K.K. Beck -- Jane Da Silva

Gail Bowen -- Joanne Kilbourn

Dorothy Cannell -- Ellie Haskell

Susan Rogers Cooper -- Kimmy Kruse

Mary Daheim -- Judith McMonigle Flynn

Mary Daheim -- Emma Lors

Diane Mott Davidson -- Goldie Bear Schulz

Earlene Fowler -- Benni Harper

Anne George --

Jean Hager -- Tess Darcy (Iris House)

Charlaine Harris -- Lily Bard

Charlaine Harris -- Aurora Teagarden

Lee Harris -- Christine Bennett

Carolyn Hart -- Henrie O

Carolyn Hart -- Annie and Max Darling

Joan Hess -- Claire Malloy

Lindsay Maracotta --

Elizabeth Peters -- Amelia Peabody

Elizabeth Peters -- Victoria Bliss

Elizabeth Peters -- Jacquelyn Kirby

Julie Smith -- Rebecca Schwartz

Amateur Sleuths with dogs:

Carol Lea Benjamin -- Rachel Alexander

Laurien Berenson -- Melanie Travis

Rita Mae Brown --"Harry" Harristeen

Susan Conant -- Holly Winter


Other dog mysteries:

Virginia Lanier -- Bloodhound search and rescue


Law Enforcement/Lawyers:

Barbara D'Amato -- Suze Figuera

Janet Evanovich--Stephanie Plum

Jean Hager -- Molly Bearpaw

Joan Hess -- Arly Hanks

J. A. Jance -- Joanna Brady

Laurie R. King -- Kate Martinellli

Lia Matera

Christine McGuire -- Kathryn McKay

Jennie Melville -- Charmian Daniels

Kathy Reichs -- Temperance Brennan

Lisa Scottoline -- Bennie Rosato

Julie Smith -- Skip Langdon

Dana Stabenow -- Kate Shugak

Medical (Doctors, Psychiatrists, etc.):

Patricia Cornwell -- Kay Scarpetta

Sharon McCrumb --Elizabeth MacPherson


Private Detectives:

Linda Barnes -- Carlotta Carlyle

Sue Grafton -- Kinsey Millhone

P.D. James -- Cordelia Grey

Karen Kijewski -- Kat Colorado

Marcia Muller -- Sharon McCone

Sara Paretsky -- V. I. Warshawski

Jennifer Rowe -- Tessa Vance

Sandra Scoppettone -- Lauren Laurano

Mary Wings -- Emma Victor



Jane Heller

Laurie R. King -- Mary Russell (Sherlockian)

Minette Walters



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